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Altus Vision members can rely on the top-notch customer service that Altus Dental members have been receiving for 20 years. We’ll add even more time savings and convenience by offering both dental and vision from the same great insurance company.

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Altus Dental sure looks different these days. The company with twenty years of experience creating great dental plans now offers total vision coverage.

In partnership with VSP®, a national leader in vision benefits, Altus Vision offers comprehensive benefits at competitive rates and access to the largest network of independent vision providers, popular retailers like Walmart, Costco® Optical and more, and even an online shopping option.

Altus Vision plans offer best-in-class, in-network benefits for exams, lenses, and frames. Co-payments are low, and allowances are generous. We offer four great plans to choose from — along with value-added programs and discounts — to suit a wide range of employer and member needs.

Why Altus Vision? 

  • Ease of administration from quoting to enrollment and billing, we make it easy to pair dental and vision benefits for greater convenience. 

  • Extensive network Give your clients the freedom to choose the provider that’s right for them. Our partnership with VSP® provides access to the largest network of independent doctors, popular retailers like Walmart, Costco® Optical and more, and even an online shopping option.

  • Value-packed plans We offer an array of plan designs, product features and funding options to fit your clients’ needs. Not only do employees get a fully-covered WellVision Exam® (after copay), they also have access to a wide selection of eyewear at the lowest out of pocket cost. 

  • Increased productivity Vision exams are key to improving one’s overall health as everything from eyestrain to diabetes, high blood pressure and more can be detected during the exam.

Flexible, affordable, comprehensive plans with incredible customer service.  

And you thought it didn’t get any better than our dental coverage.

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